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A spammer is mailbombed

Alan Ralsky is one of the most persistent spammers in the world (and one of the wealthiest thanks to his 190 mail servers!). Recently, his activity was described on SlashDot web site. It resulted in what is called “being slashdotted” (but on grand scale). Actually, this site is peculiar in that it has a large reading audience of techno geeks and the mere mention of an interesting web site may produce a flash-flood of visits (often more than the target web site can actually sustain if it is not prepared to it).

There is went over board since Alan Ralsky was victim of thousands of people willing to see him pay for the zillions SPAMs in their collective mailboxes. And Ralsky was subscribed in a matter of hours to strictly all the mailing lists in the world (both electronic and snail mail!). Ralsky decided to go and seek the advice of his lawyer.

I can't tell this is the right way to handle the SPAM issue, but I couldn't stop laughing at the idea. And sharing the news with you.

Source : ArsTechnica

Belgium starts fighting SPAM

Like the French CNIL in the recent months, the Commission of privacy of the Belgian government just opened a mailbox to receive SPAM:

It is an excellent first step in the right direction (fighting against SPAM). Kudos!

Microsoft, super Big Brother?

Sometimes, you meet people with ideas that can be broken in a way that may impact civil liberties and personal privacy. But Microsoft BARC just jumped other that into an astounding idea of collecting all personal electronic data of somebody in order to provide a coherent life perspective (MyLifeBits). It all boils down to a signle-location mega-storage of all data she handles in her life (photos, books, movies, notes, letters, etc.)

At first, it may seem attractive for some people, but I can't help fearing the enormous security risks associated with such an enterprise.

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A software program able to sort SPAM out of your mailbox. Seems to be quite efficient and easy to use.

New technique observed

Apparently, there is a new technique used by spammers. It is becoming a little problem since the simplest keyword-based filters do not detect these messages as SPAM. The text is riddled with random HTML comments breaking all words in smaller parts while leaving the message still readable by Outlook Express users.

This should lead to a new evolution of counter-measures and filter programs.

ArtPrice : a spammer of a kind

Amongst the many spammers I meet in my mailbox, ArtPrice is one interesting fellow: Specialized in art and contemporary art, they use an address robot collector (highly efficient) and they bombed the victims at about one SPAM per week and per address. Tiring and illegal!

ArtPrice domain names:

Hosted by Colt (

10000 SPAM in my archives

I don't know if I should really be proud of this, but I have now more than 10 000 SPAM samples archived here (thanks to all of you who send me their own copies of SPAM in order to confirm the detections and thanks to the spammers dumb enough to send their own original there - they should never use this address, but who said a spammer may be intelligent?).
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